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Take a look at top-performing hybrids: 2013 local plot data


What makes Golden Harvest unique?

Breakout, high-performing genetics
By combining breakout genetics and breakthrough traits, Syngenta has achieved the fastest overall rate of genetic gain in portfolio over the past six years. Our new lineup of 2014 Golden Harvest hybrids is expected to deliver an average of 10 bushels per acre more than the past Syngenta portfolio and offer proven performance across multiple environmental conditions.
  Breakthrough traits and local seed knowledge
Over a five-year period, Syngenta developed four superior traits to help combat issues ranging from pest control to water optimization. Visit the website to learn more about Agrisure traits. Golden Harvest hybrids also come with local seed and agronomic expertise provided by your Syngenta Seed Advisor. Syngenta Seed Advisors provide consultative, whole acre recommendations designed to deliver customized solutions to your challenges and help you grow more corn.
  Unmatched R&D Success
By investing more than $3.4 million globally every day in research and development, we are able to evaluate more than one million new corn genetic lines per year to develop a robust pipeline. Syngenta accesses germplasm globally, which helps build hybrids tailored to meet specific conditions of local growing environments. Visit the website to learn more about Syngenta R&D efforts.